can help your small business create a BIG WEB presence.
The Website Designing Step

The Website Designing Step

Designing Websites

We specialize in creating attractive and informative small business websites that are easy to navigate and are search engine friendly.

We can build graphical headers, slide shows and other components with Flash Animation to enhance your website. Flash adds movement to your website.

Initially, a template will be designed that incorporates your logo, business slogan/tagline, a colorscheme, a page navigation system including the categories and pages that will be part of your website.

You will be able to view the template online at We will review the template layout together and discuss options and variations that could improve the website. We will also determine if we missed something that should be included. Usually, this process will require another short "education/consultation" session where we continue to educate each other about your business and how the website can be an effective tool. Changes and adjustments will be made to the template for your review.

Content is King! After the template is approved you will be asked to provide content (information, pictures, images, forms, data, etc.) for each of the sections/pages of the website. Usually, you will have much of this info already available in brochures, product sheets, advertising, etc. Providing content is the most important task you will have during the website development process. We will guide, prod and assist you! Here are five reasons to include quality content on your website:

  1. It keeps people on your website longer because there is more beneficial information. Result: Useful information about your products/services will help convert them into a customer/sale.
  2. It makes people view you as an expert in your field/industry. Result: People feel comfortable doing business with you.
  3. It encourages people to recommend your website to others. Result: More traffic to your website.
  4. It persuades other websites to link to your content. Result: More traffic to your website.
  5. It increases your website's ranking on search engine sites. Result: More traffic to your website.

Content will then be formatted and placed in the website. If necessary, we can take pictures for use on the website.
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