can help your small business create a BIG WEB presence.
Integrate your Website into your Business

Integrate your Website into your Business

Integrate your Website into your Business

We believe the name of your website should promote your business ( During the initial education phase we help you choose and register a website domain name that identifies and brands your business.

After your website is online there are many ways to "integrate" your website address into your business. Below are a few easy things that your business can do to promote your new website.

  • As was mentioned in the hosting phase you should start using email addresses that promote your website, like
  • Add your website address and email address to all of your advertising and promotional materials. By listing your website address in your Yellow Pages and other print advertising you are taking a small ad (print ad) and referring prospects to all of the information (your website) they need to become one of your customers.
  • As was mentioned in the promoting phase we will help you to obtain links to your website from other websites where your business is mentioned.
  • Inform all of your current clients that you have a new/re-designed website.
  • Use your website for special internet promotions/contests.
  • Create an email newsletter.

These are just a few of the tasks that just about every business can do to help integrate their website into their day to day operations. We will help you identify ways to integrate your website into your business.
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