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Website Promotion

Website Promotion

Website Promotion

Website promotion is a multi-faceted step in the development of a successful small business website. With more and more customers turning to Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search sites instead of the phone book, it's crucial that you take advantage of the internet as THE place to advertise.

There are many offline ways that you can inform customers about your website. This is part of the integrating process. Displaying your website address on all forms of advertisement is just a start.

In addition, you want customers and potential customers to "find" your website on the internet. There are two basic avenues that people will find your site on the internet:

  • On websites that your business is mentioned or listed (e.g. from organizations that you belong to, like your local chamber of commerce) your website address should be included, preferably as a link to your website.
  • From "search engine" websites (e.g. you want your website to be displayed when people search for something related (e.g. a product or service that you make/provide) to your business.

The first avenue is something that we will work on together. You probably know of some websites that your business is already listed on and we can search the internet to find others. Some of these sites will add a link to your website at no extra cost and others will want to charge for a link. We can evaluate the paid site links to determine if they are worth the cost.

How does your website get listed on search engine results pages (SERP - the listing of web pages returned by a search engine in response to a keyword search)? Dozens of books and hundreds of online articles have been written about this subject. However, there are several, relatively easy to do tasks that can be done without spending a lot of money. During the education and design phases of website development we must realize that there are TWO audiences that will be looking at and reading your website:

  1. first and foremost are the people (existing and potential customers) that will be viewing your website
  2. search engine sites will be reading/digesting the words on your website

Throughout the entire website development process, major consideration will be given to the keyword phrases that people will use to search for your type of business. Our job is to make sure these keywords are included in all of the appropriate places on your site and that the site is organized so the most important keyword phrases have their own, dedicated page.

We will register your website with Google, Yahoo and MSN. The three major search sites have webmaster tools where we can inform them about your website.
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