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Website Design Rates

Website Design Rates

Custom website design fees for small businesses start at $500.

To develop a small, customized website (5 web pages or less) requires at least 10 hours of time. Our standard hourly rate is $50 for the first 10 hours. After the initial 10 hours our standard hourly rate drops to $40. For example, if the website development process takes a total of 12 hours the design fee would be $580 ( (10 x $50) + (2 x $40) ).

Our standard hourly rate includes the following areas of the website development process:
  1. Discussions with you to determine your website needs. Part of these discussions would include what your website address (domain name) should be and, if necessary, registering a domain name for you. This is part of the education phase.
  2. Designing the "template" look and feel of your website that includes the graphical header at the top of the page, color scheme, incorporation of your business logo and/or slogan, navigation system and the organization of your website (sections and pages that make up the website). Reviewing the template with you and making adjustments. This is part of the design phase.
  3. Gathering information, graphics and data from your company for use on the website. Formatting this information and creating web pages for your review. This is part of the design phase.
  4. Make sure that your important keyword phrases are included in all of the appropriate places on your site and that these keyword phrases have their own, dedicated page. After your website is completed and online we will register your site with the major search sites and help you identify sites to obtain links from. This is part of the promotion phase.
  5. We will discuss ways to integrate your website into your business. Your business should promote your website which will in turn promote your business. This is part of the integration phase.
Design time not covered under the Standard Rate:
  1. If your website design requires any Flash movie components or database server-side technology then our hourly rate for creating these services is $60 per hour.
  2. Professional photography (quite often your digital photos or photos that we take are all we need) in some cases might be necessary. We would obtain quotes for having this type of work done and coordinate everything.
  3. Original design artwork (e.g. logo, cartoon character, etc.) might require the services of a graphic artist. We would obtain quotes for having this type of work done and coordinate everything.
Other costs in addition to design time fees that are necessary:
  1. Domain registration fees. Typical yearly fee is less than $10 per year.
  2. After your website is designed then the site must be hosted and maintained. We have a package that bundles hosting and maintenance of your website that typically costs $150 for a six month period. This is part of the maintenance phase.
Other optional services that you might need:
  1. If your business could benefit from additional website traffic then looking into a pay-per-click program may be in order. The cost for a pay-per-click program would depend on your website and your budget. On a monthly basis the cost could be as low as $25/month or as much as $1000/month.
  2. If your website has many pages it might be necessary to use a more sophisticated website visitor tracker program than the one that comes free with the standard hosting account. The additional cost would be $10/month or less.
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